10.50 Analysis of Transport Phenomena

10.65 Chemical Reaction Engineering

ChE 342 Mass and Heat Transfer

ChE 696 Particles and Particle Systems

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University of Michigan

(2023 –     )    ChE 696/ME 599 Particles and Particle Systems
(2022 –     )    ChE 342 Mass and Heat Transfer

Prior to University of Michigan

(2019)    Chemical Reaction Engineering (Michael S. Strano, Klavs F. Jensen, MIT)
(2016)    Analysis of Transport Phenomena (William M. Deen, Martin Z. Bazant, MIT)
(2014)    Chemical Reaction Engineering (Frances H. Arnold, Caltech)
(2014)    Separation Processes (John H. Seinfeld, Caltech)
(2012)    Organic Chemistry I & II (Stephen R. Sieck, T. Andrew Mobley, Grinnell)
(2011)    Classical Mechanics (Sujeev Wickramasekara, Grinnell)
(2010)    Organic Chemistry Laboratory (James G. Lindberg, Grinnell)


University of Michigan

(2023)    Judge, Chemical Engineering Undergrad Research Symposium
(2023)    Seminar, American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Student Chapter
(2023)    Seminar, Omega Chi Epsilon Chemical Engineering Society (OXE)
(2023)    Seminar, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
(2022)    Judge, Carbon Nanomaterials Graduate Student Award, AIChE
(2022)    Panel, ChE 230 Academic Panel (Invited by Jouha Min)

Prior to University of Michigan

(2019)    Teaching Development FellowTeaching and Learning Lab, MIT
(2019)    Panel, School of Engineering Teaching Assistants Training, MIT
(2019)    Workshop, (with Felice Frankel), ‘Is Your Graphics the Best It Can Be?’, MIT
(2019)    Panel, ‘Using Visuals to Communicate Science’, MIT
(2019)    Workshop, ‘Teaching & Mentoring Skills for ESL Speakers’, MIT
(2018)    LecturesSPARKSPLASHHSSP, (MIT ESP teaching profile)
(2018)    Lecture, Digital Play Day: New Ways to Interface with Technology, MIT
(2017)    ConsultantChemical Engineering Projects Lab, MIT

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