Principal Investigator

Albert T. Liu

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering (CV )
Administrative Assistant:
Mary Beth Westin
Research Assistant: Davina Barron

Albert is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, of Materials Science and Engineering, and of Macromolecular Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He received his B.S. from CalTech in 2014 and Ph.D. from MIT in 2020, working with Michael Strano. Prior to joining the University of Michigan, Albert completed his post-doctoral training in the School of Medicine at Stanford University with Steven Chu in 2022.

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Rong Ma

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University (2022)

Rong is from Anhui, China and went to the Texas A&M University for her Ph.D. study under the supervision of Professor Qingsheng Wang. At TAMU, she studied surface-active nanomaterials and applied them in Pickering emulsion and polymer composites. At LEGOS, she will develop composite systems based on 2D materials. In her free time Rong likes hiking, playing badminton and cooking.

Graduate Students

Matthew Manion

B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Georgia Tech (2022)

Matthew is from Warner Robins, GA and joined us from Professor John Blazeck‘s lab at Georgia Tech. At LEGOS, he is exploring bio-electronic interfaces and their applications in cell communication and human health, both experimentally and in silico. In his free time, Matthew enjoy finding new music, drinking tea, and being with friends.

Sungwan Park

B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Purdue University (2022)

Sungwan is from Seoul, South Korea. At Purdue, he studied surface mechanics of various amphiphilic block copolymer micelles at the air-water interface under the guidance of Professor You-Yeon Won. At LEGOS, he studies the dynamic self-assembly of colloidal electronic devices. His hobbies outside the lab include running, napping, and window shopping (clothings and electronics).

Emily McCorkle

B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering, University of Dayton (2022)
(advised by Prof. Sasha Cai Lesher-Pérez)

Emily is from Indianapolis, IN and went to the University of Dayton for undergrad majoring in Chemical Engineering. She completed co-op rotations with the J.M. Smucker Company in a process engineering role. Emily is interested in tissue regeneration and restoration. At LEGOS, she develops dynamic nanopore electroporation by introducing microfluidic control to the established nanopore electroporation technique. In her free time Emily likes to hike, run, and try new restaurants. 

Jihpeng Sun

B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University (2023)

Jihpeng is from Hsinchu, Taiwan. At NTU, he worked with Professor Chia-Wen (Kevin) Wu to study heterogeneous catalysis for polymer upcycling. At LEGOS, he studies the utilization of conductive polymer hydrogels for reconfigurable electrocatalytic systems. He enjoys working out at the gym, listening to rock music, and cooking in his free time.

Jongbin Won

M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University (2023)

Jongbin is from Seoul, South Korea. He studied dielectrophoresis to manipulate the behavior of micro-scale polymer with Professor Hyung-Jun Koo, and energy harvesting and electrochemical systems with Professor Taewoo Kim. His research focus at LEGOS is on the fabrication of micro-scale composite. In his spare time, Jongbin enjoys playing piano and listening to music.

Undergraduate Students

Nadine El Ghaffir

Chemical Engineering, Class of 2024

Nadine El Ghaffir is pursuing a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Nadine intends to prove herself as a female engineer who wants to showcase and strengthen her foundational knowledge through research. At LEGOS, Nadine works on the Reconfigurable Magnetic Catalytic Colloids project. In her free time, Nadine enjoys sketching, working out, and listening to music.

Youwen Duan

Electrical Engineering, Class of 2025

Youwen is pursuing a B.S.E in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics at the University of Michigan. At LEGOS, he focuses on modeling particle oscillation systems as a means to provide electric energy for microrobotic devices. In the long term, Youwen aspires to pursue graduate degrees and research in manufacturing, physics and energy. During his free time, Youwen enjoys reading, running, and writing occasional commentary essays.

Landon Gates

Electrical Engineering, Class of 2024

Landon is from Harrisburg, Illinois and is pursuing a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern Indiana. At LEGOS, he is experimenting with electrode fabrication processes for nanopore-electroporation applications. Landon plans to attend graduate school and become a professor in the future. When time allows, he enjoys playing jazz, card games, and spending time with family.

Joshua Doctor

Electrical Engineering, Class of 2025

Josh is from Elk Rapids, MI and is pursuing a B.S.E in Electrical Engineering. At LEGOS, he focuses on modeling colloidal electronic systems and exploring further applications for this technology. During his free time, Josh enjoys playing tennis, biking, and spending time outdoors.

Alexander Bowler

Robotics, Class of 2026

Alex is from San Francisco and is pursuing a B.S.E in Robotics at University of Michigan. At LEGOS, he focuses on developing dynamic nanopore electroporation devices (joint project with Prof. Sasha Cai Lesher-Pérez). During his free time, Alex enjoys rock climbing, and spending time with friends and in nature. 

Andrew Schaefer

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2026

Andrew majors in mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan. At LEGOS, he focuses on developing dynamic nanopore electroporation devices (joint project with Prof. Sasha Cai Lesher-Pérez). During his spare time, he enjoys numismatics, playing baseball, and working out. After pursuing a postgraduate education, Andrew plans to return back home to the DC area and start his own company. 

Visiting Scholars

Fiona Nikolla

Utica Academy for International Studies

Fiona is from Utica, Michigan. She desires to conduct research in order to develop her potential and strengthen her understanding of chemical sciences. At LEGOS, she is learning how to engineer agitate microspheres for biomedical applications. Fiona wants to undergrad in chemical engineering and eventually pursue a medical degree with a potential focus on either cardiovascular or neurological sciences. She enjoys spending her free time reading historical fiction, hanging out with her family, and playing with her two pet birds!

Ayush Sharma

B.Tech., M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi (2024)

Ayush is interested in pursuing a PhD focusing on Mass Transfer and Interfacial Engineering topics. At LEGOS, he focuses on developing a simulation models for colloidal robots. Ayush is passionate about boxing and in his free time he plays with cats around the campus. 

Canine Scholars

‘Arc’ Archimedes

Lab Mascot

Archimedes was born in Tonasket, WA on November 5, 2020 and was raised in Palo Alto, CA until he is 20 months old. Arc joins the University of Michigan in summer 2022 as one of the founding members of LEGOS. When he is not napping, Arc enjoys swimming, hiking, fetching tennis balls (or basically any other spherical objects) and collecting fallen tree branches in the backyard. As a scientist, his fundamental curiosity for the natural world drives his interests in meeting new faces everyday, human and other animals alike.

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